One of our many weaknesses is being greedy. We all want a short-cut solution to a problem. We all want to get rich quickly. We want many things. We want more sex, more holiday, lazy. We want to get high with alcohol and drugs. We want to show off our achievements, our status and egos so we like to share our personal information to the world via multiple social media platforms.

Our kindness to help someone without any conditions or generosity to share and give back to others will be exploited by bad people or black hat hackers.

We want to use free service and products, so we are willing to hand over our personal data and privacy to someone.

So bad actors or black-hat hackers can exploit all our weaknesses to attack us for their own benefits. I will use my personal examples to explain why.

Example 1: I’m a social guy and like to have fun. Normally, I’m quite a task-oriented, disciplined and generous person. But things start to break down when I drink a lot of beer and spirit. After about five bottles of beer, my true color will come out. I will start handing out cash randomly and tell true stories. So, if people want to take advantage of me, they just somehow need to get me to drink about five bottles of beer. A simple lesson learnt from this: we should never get into a drunk state. Because at that state, we are in a weak position. We will make wrong decisions so that other people can hack us without doing anything. A simple solution to my problem is: I give up drinking forever and it works since then.