Is MacOS secure from malware ?

For MacOS users, the MacOS is well designed but not as secure as you think. MacOS doesn’t come with anti-virus like Windows 10 with windows security include antivirus and windows defender. When you install any new software in MacOS, the system just requires you to provide Admin’s password to get through but not checking that software is malware infected or not. If it is malware infected software then the game is over. You better have KIS for MacOS to be installed.

Apple product family, iPhone is better security than MacBook. You don’t assume the two are the same level of security.

Hacking MacOS/OSX may be easier than Windows 10 nowadays as OSX does not include anti-virus software in their Operating System.

I show how I hack MacOS in my ebook. By simply one single click to open an image file, I can fully take control of your MacOs from my Kali Linux.