Cybersecurity is not a product, it’s a process.

Cybersecurity is not a product, it’s a process. Moreover, security is not a technology problem. It’s a people and management problem. People are the first line of defense, learning cybersecurity will not be complete if we don’t understand how the computer hacking techniques or Hacking Secrets are conducted.

Hacking techniques you can learn from me. I show you how

  1. Man-in-the-middle attack with Cain&Abel, hacking secret 1 and the prevention.
  2. Web browser client attack with WordPress and BeEF, hacking secret 2 and the prevention.
  3. Web phishing client attack with SET, hacking secret 3 and the prevention.
  4. Create Malware, deliver to MacOS with Empire, hacking secret 4 and the prevention.
  5. Spy on smartphone with mSpy, hacking secret 5 and the prevention.