1. We keep minimum user information as for security check in case of any conflict.

2. User password, private key of Crypto wallet are going to encryption in hashing SHA512 with Salt. We force users to use 2FA to authentication. In case, this web or app gets hacked by any mean your secret is still protected.

3. We recommend you move your digital assets out of gateway/exchange wallet after finishing converting/transferring, move them to your personal Crypto wallet where you have your private key or you own the private key.

4. We use best cybesecurity technology (anti-DDoS, Firewall, WAF), harden our OS, Database and write secure code with pen test and bug bounty outsource subscription regularly quarterly.

5. We fully comply with GDPR and PCI DSS, we don’t share your personal information with third-party. If there is requirement for law enforcement, we may also inform you.